relativistic heavy ion collider


BRAHMS detector One of RHIC's two smaller detectors is the Broad Range Hadron Magnetic Spectrometer, or "BRAHMS". This device studies particles called charged hadrons as they pass through detectors called spectrometers.

BRAHMS measures only a small number of particles emerging from a specific set of angles during each collision. The momentum, energy and other characteristics of the particles are measured very precisely.

BRAHMS schematic

BRAHMS has 51 participants from 14 institutions in eight countries. BRAHMS is located at the 2 o'clock position on the RHIC ring.

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Experimental Area

Physicists at BRAHMS

Physicists inside the BRAHMS experimental area.

BRAHMS detector output

Visual representation of the data output from the BRAHMS detector during the first gold ion collisions at RHIC.