In memoriam Professor Friedrich Grass

    Professor Friedrich Grass, a longtime employee of the Vienna University of Technology at the Atominstitut, died Wednesday, 29 September at the age of 84.

    Fritz Grass was certainly one of the most remarkable personalities ever who have worked in the field of radiochemistry. His interest was in general any science and gave him an integrated approach to solve existing problems. His ingenious improvisation, coupled with craftsmanship and skill, moved many of his ideas to their implementation. His most productive research field was neutron activation analysis and here the development of short-term methods. For decades, Fritz Grass operated at the Vienna Prater Reactor (the Atominstitut of the TU Vienna) the fastest ever built irradiation and analysis system.

    Fritz Grass, as he was always called by his friends and colleagues, was born 1927 in Vienna. He studied chemistry and graduated in 1958 with a dissertation on "Spectroscopic studies of aromatic azines". After initial appointments in the chemical institutes of the University of Vienna, in 1961 he joined the Atominstitut of the Austrian Universities. In 1974 he qualified as Dr. habil. for analytical chemistry with his work on "activation analysis with short-lived nuclides and nuclear states". He was awarded the title "Associate Professor" in 1991. He was a member of the Austrian Chemical Society, the Austrian Physical Society, the Nuclear Society, and initiator and Chairman to 2005 of the Austrian Society for Environmental- and Radiochemistry. Among other scientific meetings and workshops he organized the 8th International Conference on Modern Trends in Activation Analysis (MTAA 8, 1991) and the 3rd International Conference on Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC 3, 1992).

    One of his greatest strengths was his tireless and completely selfless support and motivation of staff and students. Most particularly for this we will remain forever connected to him in gratitude. The memory of Fritz as a teacher, colleague and friend will always be a shining example of a scientist who served with heart, humor and extraordinary human qualities.

We mourn a recognized scientist and great man - we mourn Fritz Grass

He loved science, his family and chiliā€¦

    This information was obtained due to the kindness of Prof Max Bichler.
The photos of the gallery were provided by Dr. Fritz Grass (jun).