A WORKSHOP on “NUCLEAR ANALYTICAL METHODS AND APPLICATIONS”, co-sponsored by the National Authority for Scientific Research (NASR), Romania, will be held at the Department of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, in Bucharest, during November 3rd-4th, 2010. The Opening Ceremony and the workshop sessions will be held in the A4 Lecture Hall.

We are happy to invite all colleagues working in the fields of Nuclear Analytical Methods and related analytical sciences to join the conference. The main goal of the workshop is to create an atmosphere of friendly and constructive scientific exchange regarding the recent developments in the fields of nuclear analytical techniques and their applications. It should to be mentioned that not only contributions about finished studies and projects are welcome but also intermediate and critical reports about ongoing or unfinished studies. We also like to call young scientists and students to contribute actively. The conference language will be mixed English and Romanian.

The Meeting is jointly organized by: